5 REASONS TO BUY TIRESHere at Markham Infiniti, we have the best selection of name brand, and high-quality tires. We know there are other options you could go to for your tire purchase, but there are many reasons of why to buy your tires from your trusted retailer location. Here are our top 5:

Your retailer location is the best place to find competitively priced, name-brand tires designed specifically for your vehicle.

Factory-trained technicians ensure the right tires for your ride are properly installed to your vehicle’s specifications.

Retailer locations tend to provide more amenities than mass tire retailers and big box stores. Some offer perks like shuttle service, a cozy customer lounge, complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi, and more.

One-stop retailer location shopping saves you time and money.

Tire maintenance at a retailer location almost always includes complimentary inspection services performed by certified technicians. Some of these services may include:

  • A tread depth check
  • Brake pad inspection
  • A battery performance analysis
  • An under hood and vehicle examination
  • An audit of both the interior and exterior of your car

Ask your service advisor about the complimentary services provided at your retailer location.

Considering all these things, why would you buy tires anywhere else?

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