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The purchase and lease programs offered through INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) are designed to make driving an INFINITI simple, convenient, and fun. Don't let questions and concerns get in the way of enjoying your INFINITI-financed vehicle. Get the answers you need here, contact Markham INFINITI for more information pertaining to your purchase or lease.


There are advantages to both, but no difference in maintenance or operating costs. Leasing may be better for those who drive up to 24,000 km each year, take excellent care of their vehicles, and want a new car every two to four years. With a lease, you only have to pay for that portion of the car's life that you use. Purchasing may be better if you drive a lot of miles, put your vehicle through heavy or rough use, and want to build equity. You can also sell, customize or trade your INFINITI if you wish when you own the vehicle. You should speak to a leasing or financing consultant at Markham INFINITI to determine which is better for your particular situation.